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What are addictive drugs

What are Addictive Drugs?

Drug addiction remains a serious problem in the UK, with 4,859 deaths due to drug poisoning recorded in England and
What is knife crime

What is Knife Crime?

According to ONS data, there were a total of 18,627 offences of knife crime in England and Wales in 2021.
What is a controlled substance

What is a Controlled Substance?

In the UK there are certain drugs that require additional monitoring and control from professional medical prescribers. This is because
Keeping Employees Engaged

Keeping Employees Engaged

In 2021, the term ‘The Great Resignation’ was circling around the UK, as it was uncovered that 1 in 4
What is Jury Service

What is Jury Service?

Around 347,000 jurors’ summons were issued in 2019, which was a decrease of 4% from 2018. The chance of being
What is Flavour

What is Flavour?

We all have our differences and preferences when it comes to flavour. According to Statista, when it comes to flavours
What is UKCA Marking

What is UKCA Marking?

Within the European Union (EU), goods such as machinery, electrical and electronic equipment, gas appliances, construction products, hot water boilers,
What is obesophobia

What is Obesophobia?

According to a recent health survey conducted by the government and the NHS, two-thirds of adults in the UK are
What is addiction

What is Addiction?

In the United Kingdom, thousands are living with addiction or substance abuse. This includes alcoholism, drug abuse and other types
What is ailurophobia

What is Ailurophobia?

Ailurophobia, an extreme and irrational fear of cats, is a type of animal phobia that is not as well-known as
What is Nomophobia

What is Nomophobia?

More than 7.2 billion people currently own a mobile phone, accounting for 91% of the population of the world. Mobile
What is Flexible Working

All about Flexible Working Requests

Flexible working arrangements are now increasingly popular with workers in the UK. The number of part-time workers in the UK
What is Rehab

What is Rehab?

Government statistics found that there were 275,896 adults in contact with drug and alcohol services between April 2020 and March
What are Class C Drugs

What are Class C Drugs?

As part of its statutory duties under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, the Advisory Council on the Misuse of
What are Class B Drugs

What are Class B Drugs?

In 2018/19 (the latest official figures available) there were 7,376 hospital admissions for drug related mental and behavioural disorders, a
What are Class A Drugs

What are Class A Drugs?

Controlled drugs are listed in Schedule 2 to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and are divided into three Classes
How are Drugs Classified

How are Drugs Classified?

The Office for National Statistics’ (ONS) latest published statistics show that, overall, drug use continues to remain stable in England
What is Aquaphobia?

What is Aquaphobia?

Aquaphobia, an extreme fear of water, is a type of specific phobia that is highly individualised, as it varies significantly
What is COPD?

What is COPD?

COPD is a respiratory disease largely caused by smoking, with 9 out of 10 cases being attributed to smoking. What
The 7 Cs of Communication

The 7 Cs of Communication

Communication is fundamental to the human condition: social, personal and business. Statistics on communication show just how important effective communication
What is Fall Protection?

What is Fall Protection

Of the 123 fatalities caused by work-related accidents in the year 2021/22, 29 of these involved a fall from a