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What are addictive drugs

What are Addictive Drugs?

Drug addiction remains a serious problem in the UK, with 4,859 deaths due to drug poisoning recorded in England and
What is knife crime

What is Knife Crime?

According to ONS data, there were a total of 18,627 offences of knife crime in England and Wales in 2021.
What is addiction

What is Addiction?

In the United Kingdom, thousands are living with addiction or substance abuse. This includes alcoholism, drug abuse and other types
What is clares law

What is Clare’s Law?

On 2nd February 2009, 36-year-old Clare Wood was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, George Appleton. Clare had made numerous complaints to
What is Grooming?

What is Grooming?

The Home Office has recently stated it would “leave no stone unturned” in its attempt to tackle child sexual grooming
Is TikTok Safe for Kids

Is TikTok Safe for Kids?

TikTok is great for socialising and can provide a creative outlet for your child. It became the social media sensation
What Is Puberty

What is Puberty?

Puberty refers to the time when a child sexually matures hormonally, physically and emotionally, with girls usually reaching this stage
What is a guide dog

What is a Guide Dog?

A guide dog can transform the life of a person with serious visual impairment. Specially trained guide dogs are partnered
What is echopraxia

What is Echopraxia?

It can be natural, normal human behaviour to imitate other people’s gestures or actions. After all, this is how babies
What Is Adoption

What is Adoption?

According to the most recent figures, almost 2,000 children in the UK are waiting for adoption and 53% of children
What is Homelessness?

What is Homelessness?

There are reportedly more than 270,000 homeless people in the UK, including thousands of children. However, these figures could be
What is an acid attack

What is an Acid Attack?

In March 2008, TV presenter Katie Piper was attacked with sulphuric acid by her ex-boyfriend and an accomplice, causing major
What is a scam

What is a Scam?

Criminals are turning to more sophisticated ways to take your money, whether you are an individual, an organisation or a
What is gaslighting

What is Gaslighting?

In the US, Dr Robin Stern, co-founder and associate director for the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, helped bring the
What is cuckooing

What is Cuckooing?

The number of homes across England being shut down because of drug dealing or substance use on site is ever
What is skin bleaching

What is Skin Bleaching?

Skin bleaching, which is also known as skin lightening or skin whitening, is a worldwide multibillion-pound/dollar business. Figures from 2017,
What Is Tourette Syndrome

What is Tourette Syndrome?

It is projected that up to 1% of the UK population has Tourette syndrome, affecting 1 out of every 100
Sudden Infant Death

What is Sudden Infant Death?

Thirty-one years ago, tragically, the broadcaster and TV presenter Anne Diamond lost her four-month-old baby son Sebastian to cot death.
What Is Down Syndrome

What is Down Syndrome?

Down syndrome is the most common genital chromosomal condition, and the most prominent cause of learning difficulties and disabilities in
What Is A Will

What is a Will?

One of the most important documents that a person leaves behind when they die can be their Will. Yet more